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Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

Ravinder Yoga School offers to join our Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh, India, affiliated with Yoga Alliances USA. Our Courses are represent a systematic approach of learning Yoga, Meditations with practices and Yoga Philosophy. Our Yoga School focus on Multi-Style Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in our Yoga Teacher Training Course.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - $799.00

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - $1499.00

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Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Ravinder Yoga School has the best yoga Yoga Retreats in the beautiful location in Rishikesh, India under the supervision of well qualified and expert instructors. These Yoga Retreats represent a wonderful Yoga Holiday in India and we offers 3 Days Yoga Retreat and 5 Days Yoga Retreat.

3 Days Yoga Retreat


3 Days Yoga Retreat - $700.00

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5 Days Yoga Retreat


5 Days Yoga Retreat - $1050.00

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Our Teachers

Ravinder Singh Padiyar
Founder & Asana Teacher

Mr. Ravinder Padiyar is certified, highly qualified and experienced yoga teacher who specializes in teaching hatha yoga

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Yogi Vimal
Philoshphy Guru

Acharya Vimal was born in a Brahmin family in Rishikesh, India located in the foothills of Himalaya along the holy banks of Ganga.

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Yogi Chitrangana Rawat
Pranayama Guru

Chitrangana was first introduced to yoga in childhood under the able guidance of her esteemed guru Yogiraj Shri Rajpalji.

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Jagjeet Singh
Anatomy Guru

agjeet has in-depth knowledge and has been practicing yoga therapy, marma therapy, alternative therapy, hatha yoga and yoga philosophy.

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Ravinder Yoga School in India

(A Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance)

Namaste Aspirants !!! Welcome to Ravinder Yoga School. We have the true knowledge of the yogic path. If you seek a career as a professional yoga instructor and wish to enrich the world with the True Path the join Us. If you wish to deepen your practice and feel that a deep immersion is your next step, join Us. Our Teachers Live and Breath, the Yogic life, Practice and Ethics. They teach to ensure the True Path continues. Through the proper Techniques, Training and Practice of Daily Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga sessions. Pranayama & Shat Kriya - (Breathe awareness, six-channel purification exercises, & practices). Yoga Philosophy, LifeStyle, and Ethics. Mantra Recitations and Karma-Yoga. Anatomy and Physiology. Daily Meditation and Relaxation, along with an in depth Teaching Methodology. It will be our honor to help you in your journey. We offer variety of Yoga Teacher Training Courses for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advance level of students. 100-hour Yoga TTC, 200-hour Yoga TTC and we also offer Yoga Retreats in beautiful location in India.

Ravinder Singh Padiyar

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What People Say?

  • Namaste......., my name is Seeyor. l am yoga teacher in bangkok Thailand. I started 200 hour yoga teacher training from Rishikesh, India. Three year's ago in the year's 2014. Teacher Ravinder my first as Ashtanga Teacher in India.I was awesome bless with him see first time and got started classes with him. His teaching style unique ,easily understand and professional. His powerful and gentle voice make our class. So who ever looking for yoga in India teacher Ravinder is the one. You can met. Namaste.
  • Samlee
    Hello Namaste my name is Samlee. l am yoga teacher from Thailand. I study under the guideline of teacher Ravinder on 2014. After complete my 200 hour i left India with confidence and my ability. Teacher Ravinder is passionate,supportive and discipline teacher. He teach me modern simply technic's. Teacher Ravinder affective for everyone . Namaste.
  • Ivan
    #NamasteIndia# my name is Ivan. l met ravinder more then ten years ago.He was my first yoga teacher and he has become good friend of mine for me yoga is not only for physical exercise its lifestyle this way i always put lot of attention with my yoga teacher experience and ravinder is one of the best. He is brilliant. He has deep knowledge,perfect technics and what is important to students. He has positive energy. He is always very attentive to each student in his class. He give task to each student definitely own their experience. I am please to be invite to his house and spend several days together with him and his family and what i personally i like he is very friendly hospitable and respectable man not only in yoga classes but also in daily life style that's why i am recommend him as a yoga teacher and with his positive attitude you will definitely achieve a great success in your yoga practice. Let me wish you good luck and say you good bye.
    Namaste! I am Jillogle and l am From Australia.Last year i was absolutely bless to have Ravinder as my teacher in Teacher Training Course and his well of knowledge and he delivered is it just incredible.I am not yoga teacher. I have not intense become a yoga teacher but experience his presence and really expand my practice personally its so beneficial and i would definitely go back to do more training with him no dought. He is amazing professional but fun and highly I recommend to Ravinder Yoga School.
  • Nika Nunnari

    Hey Ravinder, Hope you are good!

    I was very grateful to have met Ravinder Padiyar during my Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. His Ashtanga Yoga classes were truly powerful to me. Ravinder is such a good teacher with an inner depth of knowledge that is incredible. He is a teacher of action instead of talking which makes his classes more valuable to me, as it is a true teaching of walking the path out of our own source. The right words to the right time. I can highly recommend learning Ashtanga Yoga him as a teacher!

    Nika Nunnari
  • Benjamin
    I haven't practised Yoga for long, One would say I am a complete beginner. After having lessons from Ravinder , I immediately started to improve and understand more then I thought I would achieve. He is very Professional in his lessons, also Ravinder is easy to approach with questions , or any sort of problems you may have. He is a very sympathetic, and respects your emotions and your health. He respects all students as individuals. He communicates well to his students and can verbally conduct lessons extremely well. He can style his lessons according to his students ability and requirements. His classes are well structured and are never the same, so the fun to learn something new is with every lesson. As his student, it is easy to see he is passionate about his teaching and enjoys sharing the correct knowledge to his classes. It's more enjoyable to see your teacher enjoying himself while teaching you, makes learning more enjoyable and rememberable . The Best Teacher! I would recommend Ravinder to anyone wanting to learn yoga, He is the best teacher I have ever had. I am very upset to be stopping lessons with him. It will be very difficult job to replace him.
    The Great Britain
  • Agniya
    Hi, my name is Inna, I am from Russia. I've just finished yoga teacher training course 200 hours in Rishikesh. Ravinder was our hatha yoga and ashtanga vinyasa teacher. I was very happy with classes as I learned original classic hatha yoga, I was trained very well in ashtanga vinyasa, learned alignment and adjustment, sequences and got all useful information. Ravinder's classes are very interesting, full of awarness. I had many yoga teachers before, but he is the best!  I wish I could continiue my study with Ravinder and I will advise this teacher to everyone
  • Aleksandra
    Ravindra has great knowledge of yoga and the asanas. He's mastering the postures himself and can show greatly the examples how to get to the asana, how to maintain the posture and how to get off from the posture. He can instruct the students very well that as well. He's got great knowledge to have different adjustments and options for stiffer bodies, newcomers but also for more skilled yogis. In overall he is complete yoga teacher for all level from beginners to advanced practicers.
  • We are filled with gratitude & honor for having you as our Ashtanga Teacher your dedication to us was received with much love. Thank you for all your support on our Yogi Journey's. Love Love Love Enjoy!!!

  • Stacy
    "Ravinder has been incredible to work with since day one, but what makes him a truly great teacher is his adaptability. Everything he does in the classroom, from modifications and adjustments to his jokes and characters, is tailored to his students. No one is left behind or ignored, whether advanced practitioner or clumsy beginner. In his class, I've already grown leaps and bounds, but I also feel as though I have the foundations to continue my upward growth. His openness, presence, and genuine care for each student have made all the difference in my practice, and I would recommend him whole heartedly to anyone at any level. Yoga practice is a personal journey, and a kind, competent guide is essential. I will always, always be grateful for Ravinder's guidance."
  • Ankit
    My 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh isn't over yet, but I already feel how much my practice and understanding of the subject have deepened since I met Ravinder.
    His teaching style is light and profound at the same time, his experience helped me to approach Asanas with confidence, his way of showing me alignments and adjustments has provided me with useful and accurate information, making things simple and effective and giving me precious insights on the most authentic traditons of the yogic lifestyle.
    He's respectful of every student and takes his teaching role very seriously and professionally, but with that light hearted happy attitude which makes life and learning more enjoyable.
    It has been a honor to meet him and I hope I can treasure everything he has taught me.
  • Angela

    I enjoyed all the different classes and I am so touched by the deep and so important knowledge that all teachers sprinkle on our group. The teachers are lovely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and kind, and they are very passionate and educated. Especially Ravinder knowledge is superb and he is clear and expert, Love you Respeted Ravider Sir! I really appreciated being emerged in yoga everyday. The positive energy created from students and teachers created a beautiful memories that I will carry.

    Thank you so much to be part of this time. Thank you for giving and sharing your knowledge with me. I appreciate your beautiful job and I am very grateful to have you in the "RAVINDER YOGA SCHOOL" family.

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