हरी ॐ Namastey

I started my yoga journey when I was 14yrs old and that time I used to go spirituals and religious places because I truly and deeply faith in the God. I was practicing yoga under the guidelines of my Gurus according the expectation of my body and mind. I was completed my Bachelor degree from Physical Education because I am very curious about the health and body’s physic and I love to play the games and I used to participated in the game’s tournaments for build my physical strength. I was the National Player and I have played football and rugby in the National Level but unfortunately I didn’t continue due to some reason but my tale is not ending here my soul and my faith shown me another path and that was “Yoga”, therefore, I completed one year Post Graduate Diploma on 2009 in Yogic Science and I learned a lot of things from my teachers and I also Post Graduated in M.A Yoga. I took participated in the Hatha Yoga championship in the State Level and I won that tournament and become the State Champion. I choose Yoga as profession because Yoga is the mediation for me and yoga gives me piece to my body and soul. In 2010 I was appointed as yoga teacher in the Europe and I trained various students in the Asana, Pranayana and Mediations more than one year then I came back to India for complete my Post Graduation in M.A Yoga and I learned Ashtanga Vinyansa Yoga. Again I participated in the State Yoga Championship and I got 1st Place and selected for the National Level. I participated in the National Yoga Championship on 2016. During these years I learn lot of things about Yoga and I saw many ups and downs in my life and one day I decided to open my Yoga school because as per my opinion any yoga experts can fool to any yoga learner who doesn’t know about the Yoga and as an expert or teacher my duty is show the right path to my students. As I said earlier “Yoga is not just Yoga for me this is worship for me”.

Best Regards,
Founder Ravinder Singh Padiyar

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