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Namaste and a very warm welcome from the Ravinder Yoga School – International Yoga Teacher Training centre in Rishikesh. We are a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school with a peaceful, joyful and vibrant atmosphere offering the knowledge and science of authentic ancient yoga. Over the years we have beautifully crafted many students from all part of the world in to fine yogis with the help of our teachings. We believe in every student and we leave no stone unturned to carefully help them to discover themselves and their true potential. The school is located in Rishikesh where yogis from the Himalayas have come and practiced their art by the bank of Ganga for centuries. The school is set in a quiet area surrounded by paddy fields, trees and hills, creating an excellent environment to practice yoga without any disturbance from the outside world. Our school is safe and  clean for women from any country to learn and practice yoga.


Why to choose our school

Our school is is registered with Yoga Alliance USA. Our school is reputed school and has been teaching yoga for many years.The school teaches ancient yoga in contemporary  method.

All our teacher are well qualified and have many years of experience in teaching students from all over the world. All our teaching is conducted in english. Since classrooms are small there is close interaction between the teachers and students.

All our accommodation  is cleaned everyday. All  the rooms comes with brand new bed sheets, pillows and covers, towels, and duvet on every start of the course . New yoga equipment are allocated to each students.

At our school we make sure we provide nutritious meals to students. The  school follows mix of eastern and western cuisine. Alternative meals for those with food intolerance are also available. Those who are vegan are also taken care of.


What Ravinder Yoga School is all about

The school excel in upholding utmost highest quality of ancient teaching of Yoga in Rishikesh. All our teachers are easy going and humble and full of joy when it comes to teaching. They have many years of experience in handling students from all over the world. We take great pride in understanding and taking care of our student with sincere service from the time they are with us and to the time, whenever they need us with queries ,when they are in their home countries.

Our school follows the tradition of accepting people from all over the world as our own family member irrespective of their caste, religion, race, age, gender biased or any other form of peculiarities society might consider as one. We believe and encourage as one world and everything in it as a one big family. Our school is dedicated to fix those who would like to touch their full potential within themselves and excel in the their desirable fields with the help of yoga. Hence yoga to us is not ‘WORK OUT’ but ‘WORK IN’.


“In a gentle way, you can shake the world. – Mahatma Gandhi”

Our Teacher   Training

The school provides yoga teacher training course(TTC) with full dedication to every students needs. The courses can be short as 3 days Retreat programme to 22 days of full certified Tearcher Training. Our course focuses on Pranayama,  Hatha, Ashthanga Vinyasa, Yoga philosophy, Yoga anatomy, Ayurveda, Meditation and also allows students to enjoy the charm of sightseeing in the Himalayas and its local culture. Currently we offer 100 hoursTTC, 200 hours TTC.

Our Training  Center

The yoga training courses are both residential and online. The student have accommodation on the site and have access to yoga hall within few feet away. The classes are size with 12 to 15 students at a time. This size will allows the students to absorb more knowledge both from teachers and from other fellow students. This allows to have more one to one interaction between the teacher and students and gain deep knowledge of yoga. But small size allows students to know each others culture and develop close bonds while their stay here in the school.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - $900

Our 100 hour teacher training course is ideal for beginner who would like to gain the basic knowledge of yoga and its usefulness in our daily lives. The course runs for 11 days and it aims in providing the guidance to yoga through pranamya, Hatha and Ashtanga vinyasa, yoga philosophy , yoga anatomy, meditation. This course will enhance the knowledge of yoga to help students who may have time constraints to pursue yoga for further studies to become teacher. This course is ideal for beginners.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - $1450

Our 200 hour Teacher training classes are 22 days residential based. All the course is conducted in English. The course tailored for those who would like deepen the knowledge of yoga and its science. This will equip student with comprehensive knowledge to become well rounded yoga teacher or to further peruse their studies in the field of yoga. The course duration is 22 days and 21 nights. The course usually starts from the early 2 and of every month and end with certification on the 23rd. Please click more to know about the course.


“There is something about the Himalayas not possessed by the Alps, something unseen and unknown, a charm that pervades every hour spent among them, a mystery intriguing

Yoga Retreat

Retreat Programme at our school is ideal for people who are willing to get away from day to day busy life of the cities in to the foothills of the Himalayas or  someone looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga to be able to use it in their daily life. Our 3 days and 7 days retreat programme would guide one through breathing practices  to increase capacity of the lungs, Asanas to maintain the physical health of the body , Mantra chanting and meditation to keep our mind at peace and stress free and visit to various shrines and sightseeing in the Himalayas. Our course is well designed to bring  perfect balance in  physical , mental and spiritual in an individuals daily life style. The school runs retreat Programme throughout the year and anyone at any given time can request a retreat programme. The course are well designed to somewhat bring less intense than our teacher training courses and give ample amount of time for students to find themselves submerge to the relaxing life of the hills. Retreat programme would also allow one to meet other international students who are pursuing yoga course.

All our retreat are conducted by the teachers , with many year of experience with students from all over the world, in English.

3 Days Yoga Retreat

Retreat Programme at our school is ideal for people who are willing to get away from day to day busy life of the cities in to the foothills of the Himalayas. Our course is well designed to bring physical , mental and spiritual balance in our lives. Very relaxed introduction to Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa asanas and meditation. and trip to temples and local tours.

7 Days Yoga Retreat
$ 350

7 Days Yoga Retreat at our school guides on through intensive Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa, meditation. 7 days course with 1 day excursion. This is ideal for someone looking for intensive yoga experience to further dive into yoga or recharge mental, physical and spiritual balance. Students start the retreat along with TTC students on the 2nd of every month.


Our accommodation are well equipped with modern facilities. We believe in hygiene and we take complete precautions in maintaining as hygiene as possible for our students to have a comfortable stay. Our rooms comes both as single room or shared between 2 to 3 students per room. All the room comes with clean and new bed sheets, towels, pillows and blanket on every new start of the course. Throughout the course these items are only be used by respective students. Bed sheets, towel and pillow covers are changed everyday. Brand new mattress can be arranged before the start of the course with additional charge of $100.
Nutritious food at Ravinder yoga school


As course being intense we give high priority to food intake. We truly like to spoil our students with food from all over the world as well as from all different parts of India. The food we provided are organic and nutritious. We have specific allocation of food chart for every week with well balanced menu of protein, carb and other intakes. Our Chef and other staff in our schools kitchen have immense experience in both traditional Indian dishes and western dishes such as Italian Israeli, Japanese, Thai and more. We also beleive in Organic living and therefore we try as much as we can to get our food from the local farmers who rely on organic manure for the soil.




For More Information

Regarding any enquires about the course, fees, any other matters regarding the school please send us a message and we will try and reply as soon as possible.





Ravinder Yoga School

Tapovan Home stay, Tapovan Village

Badrinath Road, Rishikesh

Uttharakhand – 249192

Ravinder Yoga School

We are registered with Yoga Alliance . Our school has vibrant and joyful ambience that offers the knowledge of authentic ancient yoga and its science. Over the year we have beautifully crafted many students from all part of the world in to fine yogis with the help of our teachings.The school excel in upholding utmost highest quality of ancient teaching of Yoga in Rishikesh. All our teachers are easy going and humble and full of joy when it comes to teaching.We hope to see you with us soon and enjoy the experience of real Yoga.



+91 70605 92525

+91 70605 92525


We are registered under Yoga Alliance USA

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