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Our yoga is an intensive course that runs for more than 3 weeks. Each day students spend the whole day attending yoga classes and at the end resting is very important to get all that energy back and ready for another day. Sleep and rest are as important as attending classes. Therefore our school take great care in providing good contemporary accommodation for students. 

Our rooms are comfortable to sleep in and study in. Located in a quiet place it has the followings.

1. Sharing rooms with a separate beds each.

2. Private rooms with either medium or large size beds. 

3. 24 hours hot water available

4. 24 hours WI-FI internet connection.

5. Western toilet.

6. Towel ( if requested )

7. Both air conditioning and non-air condition facilities are available.

9. Clean Woolen Blankets, bed sheets, pillows, and Mattresses, ( If one is not comfortable new items can be requested for the payment of $150. This must be paid with a request to the school prior to the start of the course.)



Since many of the students are from far away places both within  India and Abroad we take great care in providing both a healthy as well as a protective environment for the students. The school is very flexible with students visiting any place after school hours. However, we are very clear when it comes to protecting and maintaining a healthy and clean living environment for all the students. So here are a few guidelines the students must follow while their stay at the school.

  1. No drugs / no Alcohol / any narcotic substances – Students are requested to follow the rules of possessing or bringing any narcotic substances on the premises. Such cases can result in the termination of the course and no refund can be made.
  2. Non-entry of Outsiders – Students are allowed to meet their friends outside the premises of the school. No members of outsiders are allowed either to visit or stay in the room. There are a number of cafes and open areas where students can meet up and spend time with their friends.


At Ravinder Yoga School we take great care in providing healthy and nutrition food to students. We emphasize deeply on food habits and we recommend students to eat at our school during the course.  Afterall what we eat is what we become. Three times vegetarian meals are well balanced and has mixers of both Indian traditional and Continental cuisine with fruits and juices.  We very much follow the norms of both  Ayurveda and Satvik in all our meals. 

Vegeterian Satvik food  ¦ Ayurvedic consideration ¦ Vegan

Gluten free meal ¦ Locally sourced organic food.

Very little spices ¦ Fresh fruits and juices

Alternative availability of food for those with pre-eating condition

All our food are orgnic and locally sourced. Every meal we serve is freshly cooked an hour earlier. We have wonderful cooks with knowledge of both healthy cooking ( less spice, oil etc) as well as the ayurveda aspect of every meal as well as hot drinks. 

All our vegetable and fruits are locally sourced.





Ravinder Yoga School is Yoga Alliance, USA, registered school. The primary focus of the course is 200, 300  and 500 hours yoga TTC courses. The school provides ancient knowledge of yoga with a contemporary approach. All are welcome irrespective of religion, caste, gender, ethnicity, beliefs etc. Yoga is for all for bringing positivity into life.


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Namaste India Cottage

Tapovan Serai , Upper Tapovan

Rishikesh  – 249192

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 200 hours YTTC – INR –  35,000.00

300 hours YTTC – INR – 50,000.00