I started my yoga journey when I was 14 yrs old.  During that time I used to go to spirituals and religious places. My attention toward yoga increased for peacefulness and to feel  wonderful within myself. I was practicing yoga under the guidelines of my Gurus according to the expectation of my body and mind.
I  completed my Bachelor degree in Physical Education.
During my earlier days i spent a lot of times playing sports and participating in many tournaments. This excited me a lot and i spent much of my times in exploring the physical strength of my body and my mind. I saw how this two connected with each other and were compliment to each other. I used this to help me to understand my mind and how it can be dealt with physical work out.
In my university days I was very much involved in playing rugby and I have played many games in the national levels. During this time i completed my ,one year Post Graduate Diploma in 2009 in Yogic Science . During this time I learnt and discovered more about yoga and i thoroughly got involved in exploring for life.
I also Post Graduated in M.A Yoga. I took participated in the Hatha Yoga championship in the State Level and I won that tournament and become the State Champion.
I choose Yoga as profession because Yoga is the mediation for me and yoga gives me peace to my body and soul. In 2010 I was appointed as yoga teacher in the Europe and I trained various students in the Asana, Pranayana and Mediations more than one year. Then I returned back to India to complete my Post Graduation in M.A Yoga and I learned Ashtanga Vinyansa Yoga.
Again I participated in the State Yoga Championship and I got 1st Place and selected for the National Level. I participated in the National Yoga Championship on 2016.
During all this past 10 years I have taught yoga to thousand of students. I have understood how mind holds body and how we can break that to bring excitement to both of them and bring a happy and healthy lifestyle to ourselves. Yoga is a journey and hence on each level I learnt a lot from my students and have kept in touch. I believe that yoga is a very sensitive knowledge  from ancient India and it should be passed very cautiously as if it is correct and is used in absolutely proper way. Those students with false knowledge can harm others and can bring negative impact in the cosmos of yoga. Therefore after many years of teaching students from all over the world I started my schools. At our very humble school we allow our students to get true knowledge so that it can be passed to another person or being used that would not bring any harm to others.
Mr. Ravinder Singh Padiyar
Founder and Director 
Ravinder Yoga School





Ravinder Yoga School

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Badrinath Road, Rishikesh

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Ravinder Yoga School

We are registered with Yoga Alliance . Our school has vibrant and joyful ambience that offers the knowledge of authentic ancient yoga and its science. Over the year we have beautifully crafted many students from all part of the world in to fine yogis with the help of our teachings.The school excel in upholding utmost highest quality of ancient teaching of Yoga in Rishikesh. All our teachers are easy going and humble and full of joy when it comes to teaching.We hope to see you with us soon and enjoy the experience of real Yoga.



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+91 70605 92525



We are registered under Yoga Alliance USA

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