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Yoga is composite of  Body, Mind and Soul and therefore each needs equal amount of feedings to maintain the balance


“A healthy farmer needs nutritious food, a peaceful place to sleep after a hard day work, nice wet soil , sunny day, rain, their friends and healthy grains  to grow rice” – Garhwali Proverb

Welcome to our Yoga teacher training courses. Located at far corner of the village away from the daily noises of the main road one can truly focus on all aspect of yoga. By that we mean peace environment to focus on study of yoga, to relax and not get disturbed by any one, or sit by the balcony and give times to oneself by staring at the magnificent Himalayas and the paddy field where the locals grow rice and wheat at different season. With so much peace around one can sleep well with buzzing sounds of insects that comes alive at night by the nearby forest.
At Ravinder Yoga School we believe in yoga not only for work out and feel fit but also work within ourselves to improve our mental and spiritual health. We believe with yoga one can fulfill living a good and healthy life and bring harmony within themselves and  all around them. This is why our course is well designed  to give as much as importance to Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Anatomy and Ayurveda  than Asanas. In this method student can truly understand the true nature of ancient yoga and have strong foundation before they become yoga instructor and help other to achieve the same.
Our school is completely unbiased and hence accepts people from any race, religion, gender preferential person, and any other particularities the society might consider as to be one. We are all different and at the same time  we are all same. So our doors are always open with warm welcome.
The international yoga teacher training course runs 6 days a week with intensity an one day is allowed for excursion to various shrines  located in nearby villages. This allows students to have free time and explore and learn about each other.

Peaceful environment around Nature

Unlike many school we are located away from roads and other houses. Therefore students gets calm and peaceful environment and not get distracted and fully submerge into the course and enjoy the experience of Yoga.

International students

The course has many international students coming from various parts of the world. Its an amazing experience o meet other like minded people and share yoga experiences. Its a great opportunity to share each others culture.

Half day visit to temples and other sightseeing around the Himalayas

Half day sightseeing is planned on the day off of the course. During such days school organizes trips to temples and other local sightseeing tours.

 Registered with  YOGA ALLIANCE USA

Our school is registered with Yoga Alliance USA. Our Teacher Training is internationally recognized and accepted in most of the world. After completion of the course student can easily teach yoga

  • In all the Yoga Schools of the world.
  • Health Centers. Hotels
  • Own Private Yoga Studio, private teaching anywhere you prefer.
  • Resort, Spa and any facilities that recognize Yoga Alliance.
  • Start our own school ( After 2 Years of registration).
200 hours teacher training





Ravinder Yoga School

Tapovan Home stay, Tapovan Village

Badrinath Road, Rishikesh

Uttharakhand – 249192

Ravinder Yoga School

We are registered with Yoga Alliance . Our school has vibrant and joyful ambience that offers the knowledge of authentic ancient yoga and its science. Over the year we have beautifully crafted many students from all part of the world in to fine yogis with the help of our teachings.The school excel in upholding utmost highest quality of ancient teaching of Yoga in Rishikesh. All our teachers are easy going and humble and full of joy when it comes to teaching.We hope to see you with us soon and enjoy the experience of real Yoga.



+91 70605 92525

+91 70605 92525


We are registered under Yoga Alliance USA

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