Nutritious food at Ravinder yoga school

As course being intense we give high priority to food intake. We truly like to spoil our students with food from all over the world as well as from all different parts of India. The food we provided are organic and nutritious. We have specific allocation of food chart for every week with well balanced menu of protein, carb and other intakes. Our Chef and other staff in our schools kitchen have immense experience in both traditional Indian dishes and western dishes such as Italian Israeli, Japanese, Thai and more.
Our menus for every meal changes from having simple Indian rice and palakh paneer, Chana masala to pizza, pastas, noodles, Israeli falafel and pitta bread, Thai or Greek food. It all comes in a well designed balanced mix buffet. This keeps students from being bored with the food items. We make mandatory to serve green salad and mix fruits with all our meals. There is plenty of choice for students who are away from homes. All our meal tables will have pickles, olive oil, chilli oil, sesame oil, mustard sauce, ketchup, Tabasco , Thai sweet sauce, chilli sauce and soya sauce. Hence one could never get bored in being creative with our food.


We make sure our breakfast is that of highest standard. Our breakfast menu is mix of all items ranging from Indian to English breakfast. It is a perfect mix of protein and carb. Muesli, curd, mix fruits, juices and smoothies, chai and herbal drinks are mandatory in all breakfast. Other new items from all over the world are added everyday. Apart from serving tea and herbal drink here are also alternative hot or cold drink which student can order during the meal. Our bread are homemade. Our table will always have butter, peanut butter, vegan butter, mix fruit jam. The alternative milk such as soya milk, almond milk is also available. There is a small espresso machine with French roast coffee for self service.

Lunch Ι Dinner

These meals comes in mixtures of traditional Indian cuisine and cuisine from various part of the world. Green salad and mix fruit is mandatory in all meals. Hot drinks and juice or smoothies are given on every meals.

Gluten free meals Ι Vegan Meals

We even try and bake our own high quality bread. The school provides gluten free food for those who might have intolerances to gluten. The school believes in unfair treatment of animals and hence try and accommodate as much as possible vegan food. Hence vegan food such as alternative milk which include soya milk, almond milk etc., non cheese cuisines are also provided to students that have made it their life style. One is allowed to add items or teach our staff to be added in our menu.
Note : All our gluten free items are made from beans and vegetable
Nutritious food at Ravinder yoga school
Nutritious food at Ravinder yoga school


For More Information

If you have any allergies or  intolerance to any food items and want to know more how we can prepare your food please send us a message. We will try and reply as soon as possible.





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+91 70605 92525


We are registered under Yoga Alliance USA

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