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Our School Policy follow Yoga Alliance school policy requirements for all Registered Yoga School (RYS) as part of their most recent effort to maintain quality, integrity and system within yoga schools. Policy templates provided from Yoga Alliance were adjusted for use under the context of Ravinder Yoga School.


A minimum advance deposit is required to reserve a spot in your course. Please see required deposit in each course page.

The remaining course fee (if any) is due on arrival. The follow are available payment methods at school reception in Rishikesh, India centre. Methods may be different in other school locations.

Credit Card: Payments made by credit card would be subjected to additional 4% transaction fee.
Cash: We recommend you to pay the remaining balance in cash on arrival. ATM is available and we can bring you for cash withdrawal.
Direct Bank Transfer: If you want to avoid carrying cash or going to the ATM, online banking is possible. Please make sure you make a transfer before your arrival to ensure the amount arrives before the course starts and that you are able to deal with the bank if there is any issue with the transfer. Please note that any bank charges for the oversea transfer is your responsibility and should not be charged or deducted from the transferred amount.
PayPal: Payment via PayPal is possible but you would be subjected to 6% additional transaction fee.

The remaining course fee (if any) are required to be made within 7 days after course starts. School reserves the right to terminate student’s participation in the program if a student fails to make payment of the remaining course fee the mentioned period.

Ravinder Yoga School reserves the right to make changes to payment options and policy at any time.


Certification will be provided to students upon completion of the program, in accordance with the School Policy and Student’s Code of Conduct. In special cases of program incompletion, school holds the right to make final decision.

School holds the right to ask a student to leave the training without certification or decide not to give certificate to a student upon completion, if he or she violates any School Policy or Code of Conduct.


Upon receiving an acceptance email, the applicant will be charged a non-refundable advance deposit of the course fee, as is applicable on the booking sites from which students booked. A confirmation email will be sent out to the applicant with details of remaining course fee that is due on arrival. The deadline to pay in full is 7 days after the start date of training. The program may decide to terminate any student’s participation in the program when the student fails to make timely payments of tuition. Please see further details under “Termination from Program” section.
If applicant withdraws from the program after acceptance, but before the program starts, the applicant’s advance deposit amount can be retained for rescheduling, only if applicant makes a request 7 days before the program start date. However, such amount can only be applied towards the same program within a timeframe of 1 year after the original course date booked. Booking will expire after the mentioned timeframe.
Advance deposit is strictly non-refundable upon cancellations. If a student has paid in full prior to the course date and decides to cancel before the course starts, the remaining fee after advance deposit amount will be refunded under the following conditions:
Refund amount will be sent back via PayPal payment. School is not responsible for any loss on exchange rates and fees/charges that may incur from the refund transaction.
For those who made overseas direct bank transfer, we will ask our bank to refund the amount received in Rupees, if it is permitted and possible. School is not responsible for any loss on exchange rates and fees/charges that may incur from the refund transaction.
No refund will be made for amounts lost to tax, transfer fees (i.e. PayPal fees, bank fees, etc.), loss on exchange rate, non-refundable agency commission fee or any other charges incurred from or on your deposit payment transaction. Basically, school will refund the amount we actually received into our bank account (final rupee amount received). So we will send back the refund amount in Indian rupees (“Sender” amount) less amounts lost (, fees, etc. as mentioned earlier).
School will not make any refund after the training starts.

No refunds will be given if the program removes a student from the program for bad conduct. Bad conduct is violation of the Code of Conduct, harassment, violent or abusive language or actions, or any other behavior that is inappropriate or disruptive to the welfare of the program or to fellow students; and complete negligence to heed any specific request made by the staff to correct behaviors or to complete coursework within the allotted time frame.


Ravinder Yoga School  takes the privacy and security of our trainees and their personal information very seriously. Personal information collected is a requirement by Indian Government for check-in and by our school for student registration. Information will not be distributed to a third party.

Information submitted to Ravinder Yoga School may be shared with administrative staff and teachers solely for the purpose of administration and teaching.

Trainees understand that Ravinder Yoga School engages in social media networking, such as facebook, flickr etc. as part of the company’s promotional endeavors, which may involve sharing of photos or other information.

Ravinder Yoga School may contact graduates in the future about upcoming events and opportunities. This will require the use of trainee contact details. If trainees are uncomfortable with this, please make this explicitly known to the staff via email.


Teachers are not permitted to organize a trip to bring student(s) outside of school on their own (not organized by school), either in group or individually. This includes taking students out for a meal or city exploration, even if the student is the party inviting the teacher out. Doing so may result in temporary break from teaching or permanent resignation from teacher position at Ravinder Yoga School.

In the case that the student requires additional consultation out of class, time may be given to student within school premise only.



We do not permit managers, employees, teachers, independent contractors, students, or others in the workplace to harass any other person because of age, gender (including pregnancy), race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, genetic information, or any other basis proscribed by law.


We prohibit sexual misconduct in our school. Sexual misconduct is any unwelcome sexual advance including requests for sexual favors, sexual touching, and verbal, visual, or physical conduct that creates a sexually hostile environment at Ravinder Yoga School. This include misconducts towards school staff, teachers and students. Violation within this section will be reported to concerned government authorities.


Teachers shall not invite, respond to, or allow any sexual or romantic conduct with a student during the period of the teacher-student relationship. Sexual or romantic interactions that occur during the teacher-student relationship constitute sexual misconduct and are unethical. Sexual or romantic interactions detract from the goals of the teaching relationship, may exploit the vulnerability of the student, may obscure the teacher’s judgment concerning the student, may be detrimental to the student’s well-being and damage the reputation of the yoga community.

Yoga teachers must maintain professional boundaries in their relationships with students so that the best interests of the students are served. The interest of the teacher is not relevant: the art of teaching yoga is focused on serving the spiritual needs of the student. The teacher-student relationship involves an imbalance of power and any appearance that this imbalance has been exploited for the sexual purposes of the teacher is unethical. Even if the relationship is initiated by the student, it must still be avoided by the teacher.

If a teacher is becoming romantically involved with a student, the teacher will be replaced immediately. The teacher must ensure that any behavior in dealing with students is always professional and not open to misunderstanding or misinterpretation. If a relationship begins to develop, the teacher should seek the guidance of school management. Violation of any points mentioned in this section will result in deduction of or unpaid salary, and temporary time-out or permanent termination of employment contract of the teacher.







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Regarding any enquirers related to school’s code of conduct and its policies please send us a message. We will reply as soon as possible





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