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Ravinder was my asana teacher during my Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. His Ashtanga Yoga classes were truly powerful to me. Ravinder is such a good teacher with an inner depth of knowledge that is incredible. He is a teacher of action instead of talking which makes his classes even more valuable to me, as it is a true teaching of walking the path out of our own source. The right words to the right time. | can highly recommend learning Ashtanga Yoga with him as a teacher!”



He respects all students as individuals. He communicates well to his students and can verbally conduct lessons extremely well. He can style his lessons according to his students ability and requirements. His classes are well structured and are never the same, so the fun to learn something new is with every lesson. As his student, it is easy to see he is passionate about his teaching and enjoys sharing the correct knowledge to his classes. It’s more enjoyable to see your teacher enjoying himself while teaching you, makes learning more enjoyable and rememberable. The Best Teacher! I would recommend Ravinder to anyone wanting to learn yoga, He is the best teacher I have ever had. I am very upset to be stopping lessons with him. It will be very difficult job to replace him.


United Kingdom


My 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh isn’t over yet, but I already feel how much my practice and understanding of the subject have deepened since I met Ravinder. His teaching style is light and profound at the same time, his experience helped me to approach Asanas with confidence, his way of showing me alignments and adjustments has provided me with useful and accurate information, making things simple and effective and giving me precious insights on the most authentic traditons of the yogic lifestyle. He’s respectful of every student and takes his teaching role very seriously and professionally, but with that light hearted happy attitude which makes life and learning more enjoyable. It has been a honor to meet him and I hope I can treasure everything he taught.



“Ravinder has been incredible to work with since day one, but what makes him a truly great teacher is his adaptability. Everything he does in the classroom, from modifications and adjustments to his jokes and characters, is tailored to his students. No one is left behind or ignored, whether advanced practitioner or clumsy beginner. In his class, I’ve already grown leaps and bounds, but I also feel as though I have the foundations to continue my upward growth. His openness, presence, and genuine care for each student have made all the difference in my practice, and I would recommend him whole heartedly to anyone at any level. Yoga practice is a personal journey, and a kind, competent guide is essential. I will always, always be grateful for Ravinder’s guidance.”



Ravindra has great knowledge of yoga and the asanas. He’s mastering the postures himself and can show greatly the examples how to get to the asana, how to maintain the posture and how to get off from the posture. He can instruct the students very well that as well. He’s got great knowledge to have different adjustments and options for stiffer bodies, newcomers but also for more skilled yogis. In overall he is complete yoga teacher for all level from beginners to advanced practicers



2 years ago
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

The best teacher I have come across, he is master in his field. Ravinder is just brilliant. I liked indepth knowledge of yoga. Apart from yoga , a person can learn a lot from him in term of lifestyle changes which can do wonders to a person’s health. Geep up the good work

a year ago
In March of 2018 I, like so many, journeyed to India to study yoga after more than 18 years of practice in the USA. I was in search of deeper knowledge and understanding. My Asana teacher was Ravinder Padiyar. A humble, honest, spiritual man who’s sole purpose was to serve his students and the true path. I am honored to call him friend. Ravinder made the journey joyful, never work always play. All the while we were getting in depth knowledge of each aspect of the syllabus. That is why when he wanted to open his own School I was so happy for him and the future of yoga. You can not find a better teacher. Many blessings, ‘Enjoy!’ Namaste!
2 years ago
Ravinder Yoga School, I strongly recommend. “Ravinder” the Founder of this professional Yoga School, he and his team are exceptional in teaching the learning programmes you choose and above all have extreme knowledge, experience, expertise, advice, patience, understanding and a very disciplined leadership.
2 years ago
Positive: Quality
Ravindar can Teach Yoga to anyone, at any level. His depth of knowledge is so massive that he can answer specific questions, and he really understands the way the body works.
2 years ago
Positive: Professionalism
I had an AMAZING experience in this school. The place is magic, the teachers are really good and I had the best service I could ask for. The staff is always willing to help you in anything you need to make your experience even better. I went as a student and was exactly how I wanted it to be. Love and light
2 years ago
Positive: Quality
Ravinder is a great human being and an amazing yoga teacher.




Ravinder Yoga School is Yoga Alliance, USA, registered school. The primary focus of the course is 200, 300  and 500 hours yoga TTC courses. The school provides ancient knowledge of yoga with a contemporary approach. All are welcome irrespective of religion, caste, gender, ethnicity, beliefs etc. Yoga is for all for bringing positivity into life.


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