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Yogi Ravinder Padiyar

Founder and Ashtanga Vinyasa asana teacher

Since 2014, Guruji Ravinder Padiyar has been one of the most influential teachers in the Rishikesh yoga teacher training scene. He has been involved in the yoga community since since it first began to attract students from around the world. Before deciding to build his own school, he had assisted in the establishment of several well-known institutions. He is an expert in both authentic Mysore school Ashtanga and traditional hatha yoga.

He has travelled to many countries to teach asanas, and he stays in touch with his pupils since they frequently have questions about how to perform and improve asanas. His fundamental conviction is that yoga is both an exercise and a form of work. Yoga as a whole should inspire one to achieve their particular goals without any fear.

His goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, caste, ethnicity, or other factors.

He enjoys riding his motorcycle in his own time and adores Indian vegetarian food and treats.

Yogi Vimal

Yoga Philosophy Teacher

Yogi Vimal has spent his entire life imparting the principles of yoga. He spent many years studying the entire yoga philosophy from many texts of the old vedas and upanishads, perfecting the skill of the vedas in the process. He is an expert in the Patanjali Sutras and uses examples from everyday life to convey their ideas.

He enjoys a solid reputation among the international yogis who were his former pupils and whom he has trained in many parts of India, including schools in Bali and Goa.

He likes to blog, go rafting, and listen to modern Indian music in his free time.

Yogini Chitrangana Rawat

Pranamaya Teacher

Since she was a little girl, yoga has fascinated Yogini Chitrangana. Her entire life has been devoted to learning breathing techniques, both from traditional Indian yoga and also more contemporary methods from diverse cultures. Despite having finished her postgraduate studies in yoga, she continues to teach Pranamaya.

In Rishikesh, she has instructed more than 1000 international yoga teacher training courses at numerous reputable institutions.

She enjoys indian food, music, and the arts in her free time. Se practises playing the flute while no one is looking.





Ravinder Yoga School is Yoga Alliance, USA, registered school. The primary focus of the course is 200, 300  and 500 hours yoga TTC courses. The school provides ancient knowledge of yoga with a contemporary approach. All are welcome irrespective of religion, caste, gender, ethnicity, beliefs etc. Yoga is for all for bringing positivity into life.


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